Eastwood Rust Encapsulator Plus Paint Pint

Eastwood Rust Encapsulator Plus Paint Pint

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Eastwood has been one of the leading names in rust prevention for many years. Now we bring you twice the corrosion resistance of our original Rust Encapsulator in a simple to apply moisture cure coating. Spray it . brush it or roll it on. It does not matter . just get it on to protect your next project from corrosion. Use to protect or restore car frames . boat trailers . utility trailers . outdoor metal furniture . mailbox posts . bilco cellar doors and more! Looks great or topcoat with your product of choice. Should be top coated in direct sunlight applications. Only 2 quarts required for full size car or truck frame.


Matte Black Finish
Single component aluminum pigmented coating
67% solids by weight
Approximate coverage: 96 SQ FT per quart for one coat
1 coat assures maximum protection
Brush . roller or spray applied
Paint Gun: HVLP gravity or siphon with a 1.4 minimum needle/nozzle
Re-coat able after 4 hrs.- if top coating after 48 hrs. . scuff surface with 320 grit paper
2 hrs. . tack free
Topcoat able with virtually any high-quality coating
Maximum service temp of 350° Fahrenheit

Recommended Substrates and Prep

Apply product as a primer/Encapsulator over clean or corroded (rusted) steel or cast iron
Prep surface by mechanically cleaning loose flaking rust with a stiff brush or wire brush/wheel
Remove any grease . oils or other surface contaminants with a solvent such as PRE or Acetone
Apply by brush . roller or spray

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